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Wine Tastings


Your group can enjoy any one of the wine tastings highlighted below or call us @717-793-2413 and we can customize a tasting for you and your group in our Gallery Space upstairs for up to 50 people.  Choose one of the tours below or we can customize a tour to meet your needs.

Wine Tasting

Wine Only Tasting, includes 4 selections.  

Wine and Food Pairing

Pair 4 wines and specialty foods that enhance the flavor of your wine 

Blind Tasting

4 wines  that are revealed after the tasting.  Can be any combination of sparkling, red, white or rosé.  

Tour of France

Tour of 4 French Wines.  Cost:  $25 per person.


Tour of Italy

Tour of 4 Italian Wines.  


Tour of Spain

Tour of 4 Spanish Wines.  

Tour of California

Tour of 4 Californian Wines.  

Tour of New York

Tour of 4 New York Wines:  

Tour of Washington

Tour of 4 Washington State Wines. 

Tour of Pennsylvania

Tour of 4 Pennsylvania Wines. 

Tour of Argentina

Tour of 4 Argentinian Wines.  

Tour of Chile


Tour of 4 Chilean Wines.  


Tour of Australia

Tour of 4 Australian Wines.  

Tour of South Africa

Tour of 4 South African Wines.  

Custom Tour

Customized to meet your needs

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