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Our Bar

​The Handsome Cab boasts a cocktail menu of custom, intricate, hand-made cocktails. We use only fresh squeezed juices and the finest ingredients to create drinks that not only excite the palate, but tantalize all other senses. Our liquor selection is substantial and well balanced to encompass all sensibilities. At The Handsome Cab we feel we provide the world’s finest liquors to complete our excellent wine selection and creative menu.

Our Environment

From a comfortable lounge to a European café or two outdoor patios to a relaxed dining section, The Handsome Cab uses an extensively restored, historic building to provide its patrons an environment of comfort and beauty. Step into a hip, urban atmosphere surrounded by York’s easy lifestyle and enjoy the renaissance.

Our Wines

Hand-selected without prejudice, The Handsome Cab’s wines showcase the myriad wine regions of the world. Our constantly evolving wine list features both obscure and renowned wines world-wide. Available for both on site consumption and retail sales, we offer excellent selections in all price levels. Choose from over ### bottled wines, constantly changing house pours, or a wide selection of beer and travel the world by glass.

Our Foods

Integrated into our philosophy at The Handsome Cab is the concept of evolution. Our menu changes to reflect fluctuations in season and availability of local produce. Our desserts are consistently restyled to adapt to the menu changes, beautifully presented and intriguing the most discerning of palates. The chef's cheese board boasts incredible cheeses from around the world with newly discovered selections constantly arriving. Come to The Handsome Cab with variation in mind and experience the subtle transformation of the world one bite at a time.

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