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Seasonal Cocktails

Manila Sunset  14

Tanduay double rum, charred pineapple syrup, Filipino adobo bitters

La Rosa  13

21 Seeds hibiscus tequila, hibiscus syrup, grapefruit bitters, egg white

Bartender's Day Off  14

reposado, mezcal, Ghost Jalapeno tequila,  Licor 43, lime

Seasonal  Beer

Devil's Backbone Vienna Lager  6

Big Truck Hazy IPA  7

Rotunda Brewing A-Town Get Down 8

Imperial Stout w/coffee bean, vanilla bean and cocoa nips


Cockburns Ruby Port  9

Quevedo White Port  9

Noval Black Port  9

Smith Woodhouse 10yr Tawny  17

Fonseca Port 20yr Tawny  18


House Made Limoncello  7

House Made Orangecello  7

Amaro Nonino  15

B & B  10.50

Bailey's Irish Cream  6

Chambord  9

Disaronno Amaretto  9

Drambuie  9

Frangelico  10

Grand Marnier  9

Sambuca  9

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