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Classic Cocktails

Seasonal Cocktails


007 Bond Martini 11 

gin, vodka, Lillet blanc, lemon twist

Aperol Spritz  11

aperol, prosecco, club soda

Boulevardier  12

whiskey, sweet vermouth, Campari

Cosmopolitan  9

vodka, triple sec, cranberry, lime

Dark & Stormy 10                 

Goslings Black Seal Rum, ginger beer, lime juice             

French 75  9

gin, lemon, simple syrup, sparkling wine

Margarita  9

tequila, triple sec, lime, lemon, simple syrup

Moscow Mule  11

vodka, gingerbeer, lime

Negroni  10

gin, sweet vermouth Campari



Autumn Old Fashioned  13

Zaga 16 rum, brown sugar, apple cider simple syrup, bitters 

Ty'licious 12

vanilla vodka, licor 43, pineapple, lime, sparkling wine

Don't Call It A Comeback 14

Redemption Rye, cappelletti, allspice dram, orange bitters, charred cinnamon

Bartender's Day Off  14

reposado, mezcal, Holla sweet fire, Licor 43, lime

Ole Margarita  9

tequila, sour mix, triple sec, red wine,

House Made Sangria
Red or White
Glass  8
Litre   32
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