Sunday Brunch Menu

Menu subject to change                                    

20% service charge is added to parties of 7 or more                              

GF—Gluten Free    V—Vegetarian    Vegan?  Let us know prior to your arrival and our chef will make you a custom entrée



cup or bowl

Soup of the Day  8/10

Seafood Soup of the Day 9/12



add:   chicken 5     salmon 12    tuna 12    shrimp 11


Classic Caesar  10  V

romaine lettuce | lemon parmesan dressing | anchovy | croutons

Blackened Steak 17

mixed greens | blackened steak tips | smoked tomato | grilled roasted peppers and onions | croutons | balsamic

Caprese   14 V

mixed greens  | balsamic reduction | pesto |  fried egg plant | parmesan |  burrata

Mixed Berry 14 V

mixed greens | toasted pecans | chopped berries | fried goat cheese | berry vinaigrette | preserved orange



Cheese & Charcuterie 23

artisan meats & cheeses | crostinis | nuts | fruit | jam

Garden Vegetable 18 V

roasted red pepper sundried tomato hummus | basil pesto | pickled & grilled vegetables | crostini

Chocolate Board 25 V

Anstine’s & Fitzkee’s handmade chocolates, truffles, chocolate snacks


Let your server know you would like to add a $5 or other amount donation to your bill for Live music for dining in the street all summer long. 



House Made Desserts

Hummingbird Cake  9

southern spice cake | pineapple | banana | pecans

cream cheese icing

Mixed Berry Panna Cotta  9

Sticky Toffee Pudding  10

Flourless Chocolate Torte  10 GF V

Strawberry Coconut Cake  8 

Cheesecake 9 V

Banana Crespelle 10 V

toasted crepes Nutella | marshmallow | chocolate whipped cream | pistachio

Espresso Crème Brule 10

Key Lime Pie  9

Eggs (served with fresh fruit, latkes & quick bread)

Crab Omelet, asparagus, gruyere  20 V

Farmer’s Omelet, basil, goat cheese, tomato  15 V

Ham Eggs Benedict 15

sourdough toast | hollandaise

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict 24

Liege waffle | roasted poblano hollandaise

Grilled Sausage Eggs Benedict 16

sourdough  toast | basil tomato cream hollandaise

Steak & Eggs 18

marinated skirt steak | 2 eggs any style | sourdough toast

Cab Breakfast 14

2 eggs any style | sausage, bacon, or country ham | sourdough toast



Fruit & Granola 9 V

fresh fruit | Greek yogurt | granola

Fresh Hand Made Beignets 7 V

powdered sugar—includes 3

Fresh Hand Made Beignets 10 V

apple compote | cinnamon & sugar | salted caramel

Fresh Hand Made Crawfish Beignets 10 

cajin honey | remoulade 

Huevos Rancheros Bowl 16 V

2 fried eggs | refried black beans | pico de gallo | avocado | corn tortilla

Add Chicken Tinga 6 or Blackened Steak 8

Fried Chicken & Waffles 18

fried Cajun chicken | Cajun honey | whipped butter

Fried Cajun Crawfish & Waffles 19

fried Cajun crawfish | Cajun honey | whipped butter

Liege Belgian Waffles 16  V

maple syrup | butter | whipped butter

House Made Pancakes  18 

choice of sausage, ham, or bacon | latkes

 add blueberries  1

 add chocolate chips   1

Apples Foster French Toast  16 V

pure maple syrup | whipped cream

Smoked Salmon & Goat Toast 14

cucumber | sourdough | pickled red onion | sesame | cilantro pesto

Crab Cake Sandwich 18

mixed greens | tomato | remoulade | cucumber| brioche roll | hand cut fries

HC Burger 16

bacon | gorgonzola dolce | onion marmalade | fried egg | brioche bun | hand cut fries

Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna  18 GF

Sticky rice cake | wasabi aioli | seaweed salad | edamame | preserved orange chile sauce

Brunch Cocktails


Bloody Mary  9

celery, olive, lemon, old bay/black pepper rim

Handsome Bloody Mary  13       

candied bacon, celery, shrimp, olive, old bay/black pepper rim

Lady in Red  9                          

vanilla vodka, cranberry juice, prosecco   

Lemon Bellini 10

Lemonade,  citrus vodka, prosecco              

Mango Bellini  10

mango puree, mango vodka, prosecco

Mermaid Mimosa  9

melon liqueur, blue curacao, pineapple juice, sparkling

Mimosa 8      1Liter 32      

Peach Bellini  10

peach puree, peach schnapps, prosecco       

Pear Bellini  10             

pear puree, pear vodka, prosecco

Prosecco  12

Red Sangria 9     1Liter 32

Sunrise Mimosa 9

cranberry & orange Juice, triple sec, prosecco

Valencia  9

vodka, orange juice, grenadine


Signature Cocktails

007 Bond Martini 11 

gin, vodka, Lillet blanc, lemon twist

Botox Betty 11

Hayman's Gin, lemon juice, triple sec, egg white

Dragon Stone 12

Revivalist Jalapeno infused gin, elderflower liqueur, crème de cassis, red wine

Handsome Devil 11

Holla Sweetfire Vodka, lemon & watermelon juice

Handsome Sour 12

bourbon, apple brandy, lemon juice, simple, red wine float

Pisco Sour 10

Pisco, lime juice, simple, egg white, bitters

Project 2964  12

bourbon, cold brew coffee, maple syrup, orange & chocolate bitters

Finessè 9

vodka, grapefruit juice, strawberry simple, sparkling wine

French Revolution 12

Bastille Whiskey, Bauchant liqueur, tarragon basil syrup, vermouth

Olè Margarita 9

tequila, triple sec, lime, house made sour, lime juice, red wine

Sparkling Limon 10

house made limoncello, lime juice, prosecco

Tall, Dark and Handsome 10

vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, Godiva chocolate liqueur

War of the Roses 11

Pimms No. 1, elderflower liqueur, lime juice, simple

House Made Limoncello 9

House Made Orangecello 9


Seasonal Cocktails

Aperol Spritz 10

C(Appell)etti Spritz 10

Cappelletti, prosecco, club soda

Covid Cure 12    

Pink lemonade vodka, berry vodka, coconut rum, sierra mist   

Can House Wine 14

Sparkling rose wine equates to 2 glasses

Supports Human Rights Campaign

Paradise City 10

Gunpowder Irish gin, rose tea syrup,

 rose wine

Seaglass 11

Grappa, house made sour, blue curacao

UltraViolet 12  

Cachaca, lychee sake, lemon simple, butterfly tea

Hard Seltzers 6

black cherry, lemon/lime, grapefruit

Classic Cocktails

Boulevardier  12

whiskey, sweet vermouth, Campari

Cosmopolitan  9

vodka, triple sec, cranberry, lime

Dark & Stormy 10                 

Goslings Black Seal Rum, ginger beer, lime juice             

French 75  9

gin, lemon, simple syrup, sparkling wine

Manhattan  11

whiskey, vermouth, bitters

Margarita  9

tequila, triple sec, lime, lemon, simple syrup

Martini  9

Gin or vodka

Moscow Mule  11

vodka, gingerbeer, lime, ginger syrup

Negroni  10

gin, sweet vermouth Campari

Old Fashioned 11

whiskey, simple syrup, bitters



House Made Sangria

Red 8   1L 32

White 8



Blue Point Toasted Lager  6               

Bud Light  4                          

Chimay Grande Reserve  13        

Deschutes Black Butte Porter  7      

Dundee Honey Brown Lager  6             

Franziskaner hefe-weiss  6        

Glutenberg Red Ale  9 GF          

Goose Island IPA  6    

LandShark Lager  5

Miller Light  4

Ommegang Tart Golden Ale  8

Peroni  5

Stella Artois 5

Troegs Perputal IPA  6

Wicked Weed Hazy Coastal Love IPA  7

Yeti Imperial Stout  8

Youngs Double Chocolate Stout  8